Saturday, December 29, 2012

What to Expect in the New Year!

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With the New Year arriving in just a few days, people are gathering ideas of what they would like the New Year to bring into their lives. Often we are excited about not only a New Year but a new start in relationships, dreams, goals, unresolved issues or the embarking of a new journey. But for many reasons- after the excitement wears off- the process that it takes to see these entire aspirations manifest is soon to be neglected. It takes work and a made-up-mind that until the goal is reached, you will not quit! Additionally, we must realize that the work that God has began in us, He is faithful to complete.

God has finished what He needs to do but there is a part that we have to do. So whatever you are expecting the New Year to bring, make sure you put something “in” so that you can get something out! And there is no need to wait until Jan.1, start now. Get a journal and right down what you desire to happen within the year 2013 and your plans to reach those goals.

Next, get alone with God- the author and finisher of your faith! You need His guidance and strength if you’re going to successfully experience a fruitful year. Ask God for a vision, then write it down and make it plain. Keep the vision in front of you until it manifests! Because what you consistently focus on- good or bad will manifest in your life. Why not focus on things that are possible to him that believes.

Last, stay away from vision killers and surround yourself with everything and everyone that will add to the process. Vision killers are negative thoughts, negative/unproductive people, bad habits and negative confessions. Don’t hesitate to let go all the accumulated “baggage” that is dragging you down and hindering you from stepping out in faith and seeing your dreams come to past! Get serious about your goals like your life depends on it and never look back until you reach them.

As for me, a lot has happened since I lasted posted on this blog. What I am most excited for is (God Willing) the release of my first book in February 2013. STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS!

Until Next Time Remember, God loved YOU First!


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