Monday, June 27, 2011

Coming Soon! The Big Reveal

Okay, so for those of you, who haven’t made a list yet, make one! If you are new to this site and are clueless to what list I’m referring to then please read the  post titled “Who Am I”.

In a few days we will reveal who we are and not how others see us or try to define us but who we     are! I will also post the lists of other women (including myself) from all walks of life! Currently we have readers from Brazil, Canada, the United States and Germany! So I encourage you to become a follower of the blog, comment on the posts, post your lists and continue to join me in celebrating womanhood!!!

The list that you create can be long or short. It should also include things that you cannot change. For example, I have delivered four children and -unlike many fortunate women- I have stretch marks. While I’m not complaining, I certainly would rather have them removed. (It’s just my preference) And when the “stretch mark” fairy comes to collect, she can summon the “love- handle” fairy to pay a visit as well. J

These are just some things that I have learned to accept about my physical self. How did I learn to accept it? Well first let me clear something up. I am working on the love- handles and whatever doesn’t go away I won’t mind. But the stretch marks, I now see as “gift” marks because my children are gifts! I refuse surgical removal or the hassle of trying to add anything else (like rubbing cream on my belly to lighten or remove the marks) to my to-do-list.

Although my “bonus child” whom I love dearly, did not come from me and give me stretch marks, I can probably find a few gray hairs on my head; but it’s nothing that hair coloring won’t fix!

Until Next Time…..Know You, Accept You, Love You and Celebrate Women who are just like YOU!

There will be two women who will win gifts in honor of women all over the world! Just click "comment" at the bottom of the post and reveal who YOU are!

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