Monday, July 25, 2011

~Thought Control~

What you think about yourself matters. Why? Because your thoughts affect your emotions which in turn causes you to act according to how you feel.
For example, if someone thinks that they are not worthy then their emotion will reflect low self-esteem. As a result, his or her performance will always mirror less than their best. Subconsciously, this person will behave in a way that will give them results that confirm what they think about themselves.

Check out this story:

Mary, who does not like to draw attention to herself has caught the eye of a single, handsome and very wealthy young man name Mark. Routinely before work, Mark has visited the coffee shop that Mary works at for the past six months. He has always been very fond of Mary since the first day he saw her but was too shy to ask her out. Until one morning on the way to work, he decided to stop by and ask her out. He knew about what time her shift ended but he did not know that Mary struggled to take care of her ailing mother and maintain two jobs.

Mary often prayed for a husband, for she longed for companionship. However, she had no time for a social life so “Mr.Right” would have to go on a serious quest to find that she even exists. In addition to being married one day, Mary continued to dream of financial miracles that would make life easier for both her and her mother.

As Mark approached one of Mary’s tables, he nervously began to mutter the words “Will you have dinner with me?” After all, it wasn’t like they were total strangers. Over the months and after she felt safe to do so, Mary had asked many questions about him and he would humbly answer them all. She knew almost everything except where he lived. But shamefully, Mary only gave him details about the surface of her life. She did manage however, to tell him all about one of her single, best friends. Mark would listen as Mary disclosed the details her best friend, but secretly it was Mary that he was interested in.

Mark’s life was the total opposite of Mary’s. His parents was very wealthy and in good health. Mark, being a partner of a very prestigious law-firm, earned his financial status by working hard. His parents sent him to the best schools but they were very candid about not spoiling him and teaching him to work hard for a living. [To Be Continued……]

I will continue this story but in the meantime, think about the possible outcome. Mary’s thoughts about herself will determine how this story unfolds. Can you see YOU in Mary?

Until next time…..

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