Tuesday, December 6, 2011

As a woman, it is one thing to hear advice and receive wisdom from another woman. However, when wisdom is shared from the depths of a man about the things that many women go through it is powerful beyond measure.

Here is the story of the many lives of women who have told and have yet to tell their experience of a vicious cycle that is paralyzing all over the world and seems unending.

Written by Shi’Meek Branch

She needs help but doesn't know how to get it.... She craves attention from men who want her but don't want her... She gives away her personals to any man that calls for it.... She performs many carnal acts only to silence the screams from her past... Her name is mentioned among the men but only to pass her on to the next man.... All whom she looked up to and loved, renounced her, So now she relinquishes her soul and womb to these men that cradles her for their own sick fantasies.... They don't love OR like" HER"...How she performs is their concern... They use her, and she uses them to silence her past... Her womb yells for help but she ignores its screams, because mentally she's being caressed with the silencing of her past...... Her soul aches, her mind is numb, her spirit is broken, her flesh cries and bleeds along with her womb... Yet she continues on… So long as the noise of her past is silenced. She's lost and needs help... She heard of God but she calls or seeks him NOT... She cries over and over but no one hears her. She's alone again but just for a short time Because the next man is on his way to enter her womb and then it all starts over… The silencing of her past...

Be Encouraged.

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